What Stops You?

Take ownership and responsibility for your own development and create the life you were born to lead.

Andy Cooper is an experienced Coach and Tarot Reader who utilises his intuitive insights from the Tarot to guide his coaching interventions with his clients.

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    Dr. Andy Cooper

    NLP Coach & Tarot Advisor

    Who is Andy Cooper?

    Dr. Andy Cooper a business coach with over 30 years experience working with clients across the world. He is a certified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a certified Tarot Advisor and holds a PhD in Esoteric Studies.

    He combines his NLP coaching expertise with insights gained from the Tarot to provide powerful and transformational experiences for his clients.

    How will I change?

    • Gain clarity on who you are and what you really want
    • Let go of your own self-limiting beliefs and release what holds you back from realising your dreams
    • Gain insight into challenging situations and create solutions to move beyond them